Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Travel Photo - Jomalig Island, Philippines

[Click picture to enlarge]

Here's a picture of a deserted beach on the small island of Jomalig.

I visited this not-so-well-known island of the Philippines a few months ago with a group of friends. If you're not familiar with this island, don't worry, not many people are. Not many people have heard about Jomalig, because 1) You won't find it listed in the Lonely Planet, 2) It's difficult to reach. To reach the island of Jomalig we had to take a six-hour long ride on a fisherman's boat, and through rough waters, and 3) You won't find any hotels on the island. Zippo. We actually stayed with the counselor of the island, who happens to be a friend of Sheila's.

Hence, for these reasons, explains the deserted beach.

Gotta love deserted beaches, yes?



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  7. Hi Adam,
    Wow, Jomalig Island is pretty far off the well-worn trail! I'm considering visiting there with my Filipino wife sometime in the next year, hopefully to do some surfing. The North coast looks incredible on Google Maps. Did you happen to notice any waves while you were there?
    Thanks, Rick.